• Czech Medical Chamber certificate (doctor)
  • Trade Union of Health and Social Care certificate (for health care workers)

CMC Certificates 

will be issued at the registration from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday 1 p.m.

Trade Union of Health and Social Care certificates for passive participation will be issued in the registration area starting on Sunday 1 p.m.; the number of credits depends on the number of days of participation, i.e. 4 credits will be granted for each day (starting from the registration - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday). 

It is therefore possible to obtain a maximum of 12 credits. 

Trade Union of Health and Social Care certificates for active participation 

and co-authorship (chairing) will be issued during the entire Congress. We would like to ask those who are entitled to obtain an active participation certificate (they are presenting in one of the nurse blocks, chairing them or they are co-authors of presentations in nurse blocks) to state so when collecting the certificate – in this way they will obtain two certificates, both for passive and active participation. In compliance with the amended Regulation no. 423/2004 of Coll. Art. 3b section (5), the credits for concurrent passive and active participation are added and you are entitled to credits for both forms of participation.

The request for certificates issuance (doctors or health care workers) is included in the online registration and it is possible to ask for its issuance anytime during the entire congress. The health care workers who are going to register on the spot will obtain the certificate on request at the above-mentioned times.

CERTIFICATES WILL NOT BE SENT OUT BY POST after the end of the congress.