Company participation

All activities, i.e. renting exhibition area, advertising, company symposia, registration of invited participants, can be ordered using the online registration system only - Your account.

Renting an exhibition area in Hall A1

The price for 1 m2 of the exhibition area is 7,800 Czk (without VAT).

The area has to be ordered by March 31, 2018. After this date, the price for 1 m2 of the exhibition area will increase by 10%, i.e. to 8,580 Czk (without VAT).

You can order one of the following three options:
a) Standard cubicle, including tailored equipment (Description of the cubicle equipment HERE)
b) Your own exposition
c)  Construction by company Veletrhy Brno

When dividing, several factors will be taken in consideration – placing of the stands in the previous years, the time of registration, and the extent of the company sponsorship beyond the standard participation (stand, symposium, advertisement). The general and the main sponsors are the only ones entitled to choose the exhibition place; the other exhibitors are allotted a space in correspondence with the above-mentioned rules.

Company Symposium

It is possible to order a company symposium online until February 28, 2018; it is necessary to enter at least the length of the symposium and its preferred location until this date; the names of chairpersons and titles of presentations (including the names of authors) can be entered until March 15, 2018. Please meet these deadlines.

The price for 1 minute of a company symposium is 2,500 Czk (+21% VAT), regardless of the day and the room. The available halls are Rotunda, Morava, Praha, Brno, Hradec Králové, and Plzeň.

You can order and enter a company symposium only using the registration online system – ordering of the exhibition place, but choose “Company symposium” in the Company registration.


Advertising in the final Program, which will be available in pdf at the Congress website and in a limited number also printed (for those who have ordered it at the online registration)

30,000 Czk / A5 page 

Ordering is possible using the online system; you will then be informed about the technical parameters for the advertisement. Price without VAT.

Outside promotion

Renting a movable panel, sized 2x2 m (double-sided). These billboards will be placed along the main path connecting halls A and E.

The renting price is 50,000 Czk (+21% VAT), this price includes the installation and disassembly of the billboard, not its production.

You can order this type of promotion using the online system only; you will then be informed about the procedure for submitting the billboard or its production.

Registration of participants

You can register not only the invited doctors (through the group registration), but it is also necessary to register all company representatives who are going to participate in the congress. Nobody will be allowed in the congress areas without a name tag. The staff who will attend at the stand and will not see the professional program will be classified as "Exhibitor – partial registration", charged with 500 Czk. This category also includes two vouchers for lunch and allows the holder to enter hall A1 (exhibition). The others are to be registered as "Exhibitor" charged with 2000/2500 Czk. 
In dependence on the order of the exhibition area, we are granting exhibitor registration free of charge, as follows: 
Up to 10 m2 - 2 registrations free of charge 
11 – 15  m2 - 4 registrations free of charge 
16 – 20 m2  - 6 registrations free of charge 
21 – 25 m2  - 8 registrations free of charge 
26 – 30 m2  - 10 registrations free of charge 
31 – 40 m2  - 12 registrations free of charge 
41 – 50 m2  - 14 registrations free of charge    
Each 10 m2 more mean 2 more registrations free of charge 
When entering the registrations in the online system, the discount will be calculated after the end, so do not pay any attention to the fact you are selecting a paid registration.

All exhibitor registrations of a company that are free of charge will be granted with ONE congress bag only (including lunch vouchers for May 7 and 8); the exhibitor registrations that are paid (beyond those free of charge) include a congress bag and lunch vouchers each. Each exhibitor will obtain a VIP card, which is for 2 persons - they can enter the VIP restaurant (hall A3), where warm lunch is served.
If you are interested in lunch vouchers, you can order them at the web page; the price of one voucher is 120 Czk.

The Printed Program
Please note that the Congress participants (including those who do group registration) will not obtain the PRINTED CONGRESS PROGRAM automatically; the pdf can be downloaded from the website about a month before the event, or just "My personal program" can be printed or an application can be downloaded to the mobile phone. 
If you are interested in getting the printed program, it is possible to order it when you register for the Congress (at 50 Czk).

Additional options (parking cards, additional lunch vouchers, email sending of invitations, etc.) are available on your Congress page in the section "Company Registration"