Further information for active participants

Based on the review proceedings, which will take place between January 13 and January 27, 2018, oral and poster presentations (doctor, nurse, and technical) will be selected. The confirmation of the abstract placement, or its rejection, will be sent to all authors by e-mail by the end of March 2018. 

The same is valid for the confirmation of presentation placement for the authors of invited presentations in the blocks of work groups/scientific societies or company symposia.

Oral presentations (doctor, nurse, technical)

languages: Czech, Slovak, English
audiovisuals: computer projections

The presentations can be sent (uploaded) in advance to the website, or it is possible to hand them in directly at the Congress. At latest 2 hours before the beginning of the block where the presentation is included, it is to be handed into a slide room (either Hall A or Hall E, it is not important where the presentation will take place, the slide rooms are interconnected).

If there are video files, it is necessary to hand in the presentation 24 hours in advance (for Sunday presentations it means to send them in advance or hand them in at the registration on Saturday May 5, 2018).
If the medium is not submitted in time, the organizers are entitled to reject the presentation for technical reasons.

The presentations at all events organized by the Czech Society of Cardiology HAVE TO include a slide with the Declaration of Conflicts of Interest. A sample slide can be downloaded from the CSC website .

The computers are equipped with Microsoft Office with Power Point and Word applications. 
Pictures and figures: .jpg, .gif, .bmp.
Video files: .avi, .mpeg. Presentations: .ppt, .pptx, .pps.
Possible media:  DVD, USB Flashdisk
Projection equipment: data projector for PC

Posters (doctor and technical)

will be divided into 2 sections - Monday and Tuesday.  
The posters will be posted on standard panels (installation by pins) sized 86 x 156 cm (height x width).

Posters will be located in Hall E, 1st floor – the poster room (doctor + technical section) and the foyer of Room Morava (nurse section).


Posters (health care workers)

Posters of health care workers will be installed outside Room Morava, each poster will be allotted a panel sized 86 x 156 cm. The number of the panel corresponds to the number of the presentation in the (printed) program. Posters can be put up during Sunday or Monday and have to be taken down on May 9, 12.30, when the congress finishes, at latest. If the posters are not removed, they will be destroyed when the panels are disassembled. 
The authors need not be necessarily present at their posters for the whole congress time in the case of nurse posters.

Abstracts (short presentation summaries)

are included in the professional program published at the CSC webpage – Program – active links to individual presentations in the program. The abstracts of presentations will be published in the virtual Book of Abstracts.


The Printed Program
Please note that the Congress participants will not obtain the PRINTED CONGRESS PROGRAM automatically
; the pdf can be downloaded from the website about a month before the event, or just "My personal program" can be printed or an application can be downloaded to your mobile phone. If you are interested in getting the printed program, it is possible to order it when you register for the Congress (at 50 Czk).